With OUIBUS, travelling is an enjoyable experience. Comfortably settled down in your seat, you can take advantage of our free services, in total freedom.

Free WiFi: stay connected

Check your emails, keep in touch with your friends, share details of your trip on your favourite social networks... All this is possible with a free Wi-Fi connection available on board our OUIBUS.

Electrical sockets: stay connected

(travellers from the UK, remember to bring your adaptor plugs)

Play games, listen to music, watch a film*, and get work done without worrying about charging your battery! With 220V electrical sockets on board your OUIBUS, you can use devices without wearing out the battery, so that it is still charged when you arrive at your destination.

Amenities: accessible throughout your journey

Your OUIBUS coach is equipped with toilets that are accessible throughout the journey.


* To make the most of your trip, remember to download any games, music or films before leaving.