OUIBUS keeps you up-to-date about the status of your journey at all times:

  • In the departure station In the majority of stations, information boards indicate the stand number and the departure time of your OUIBUS coach as well as the length of your journey. A question? OUIBUS stewards will provide an answer.
  • In your OUIBUS coach Follow your journey in real-time on the video screens provided. They provide information on the details of your journey (routes taken, towns you go through, position in real time, etc.) and the amount of time left until you reach your destination. Take advantage of this service to plan the next stage of your journey or to confirm your arrival time to your friends and family.
  • In the arrival station Your OUIBUS captain and stewards are available to answer all your questions.

Status of your journey

A specially dedicated team keeps a 24-hour monitor on the circulation of OUIBUS coaches. It provides our captains with real-time assistance.